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Authentic Business 5-Day Sprint!

Learn how to grow your business without selling your soul using our Brand Profit Strategy.

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Speak your truth so clearly into the world that others feel it and resonate and respond.

Day 1

Your Values

What are your values and how do you communicate them to attract clients who share your values? These are the best clients!

Day 2

Your WHY

Why does your company exist in the first place - and how does that drive your short & long term growth? How do you stay focused on your WHY for the long run?

Day 3

Human Engagement

How do you build strong and engaging relationships with potential or existing clients, partners and even employees whilst staying true to who you really are?

Day 4

Story Brand

How do you craft your “brand” story to position your clients as the hero and you, the Guide, and how do you build stories they can relate to and see themselves in?

Day 5

Purpose and Impact

Your business is the ultimate medium for impacting the world, and consumers are relying on businesses and employers to “do well and do good.”

Of all of the companies we have built, I've never seen this level of quality and accuracy capturing the founder's mindset. What a game plan that puts everything into place!
Venture-funded cybersecurity firm
I cannot explain to you enough how thankful I am for your time yesterday. I know it was labeled a ‘brand sprint’ but it was much more than that to me. Your help in pulling out our voice from our core ‘whys’ has helped me put a perspective on this company that I always felt but could never seem to touch. I was able to ‘touch’ it yesterday and I finally feel like I can breathe again.
Tech consulting firm with $3.5 mil in revenue

A Brand Profit Strategy You Can Implement Right Away

The things I’m going to talk about here are very personal to a business, and not things that can be faked. This is not a creative writing course for how to position your brand for profits. We don’t make up fictional stories to use in copywriting or to position a company any sort of way because we think it’s what people want to hear, or because it’s how we think we’ll earn more revenue, or even because it worked for someone else.

The things I’m going to talk about here have to do with peeling the layers back and revealing the actual heart and soul of the business and the people leading it, and then being able to speak your truth so clearly into the world that others feel it and resonate and respond.  If the work you do here doesn’t resonate yet, don’t force it, let’s keep uncovering. These strategies have to be executed in integrity with who you really are.

But what absolutely will not work is what I call “trust-washing” - that is disingenuously crafting stories about who you are and telling people what you think they want to hear so they will buy from you. They will not. They will see through it. 

This is personal, and what we do has to fit you. Throughout the week, we’ll go through a series of guided exercises to help you find your true north. You are the barometer. You will be trying some things on for fit, and you will absolutely know when you’ve put your finger on “your story” because it will feel like home. It will feel like - YES, this is what’s been in my heart from day one!

Each day, I’ll ask you to take steps to put your work into action, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first. That means you’re doing it right! 

At the end of our 5 days together, if you put in the work, you will walk away with a Brand Profit Strategy you can begin to implement right away.