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Why Getting More Sales and Leads May NOT Be Your Business Breakthrough

6 min read
Aug 25 2020


I'd like to talk to you for just a couple of minutes about why piping in more leads and more sales into your business may not be the business breakthrough that you are looking for. So I wanna talk to you specifically about that word business breakthrough, what does that mean for you? And what I am going to do here is I'm going to take the assumption that leads and sales is what's going to save our businesses and leads and sales are what we're all looking for. That's what everybody wants, right?

We think that's the easy way to grow our business, we just get more leads and then we close them and we get more sales and then we've got this big business but I wanna challenge that assumption for just a minute and talk to you about some alternative ways to grow your business to be a high performance business and to be a highly profitable business of purpose and so a couple of weeks ago, probably three or four weeks ago now I put on a program called the Five Day Business Breakthrough Workshop with about 500 business owners and entrepreneurs and what really stood out to me after talking to various people in the program, all of the conversations that I had and the engagements that I had and the clients that I've talked to about this, what really stands out to me is that the word breakthrough is really a personal word when it's applied in this context, because to grow your business, sometimes, the answer is we need more leads and more sales but a lot of times it's a little bit deeper and we need to go deeper.

We need to dig deeper into what that really means for us. I'll give you a couple of examples. One lady that I spoke with, she said, 'If I could just increase my profit margin,' 'If I can just raise my prices and continue to work with the current vendors and partners and affiliates and wholesalers that I'm currently working with. I don't need to get more leads, I don't need to get more sales, If I could just increase the value, of my perceived value of my brand to an elevated level and I could raise my prices, I could increase my profit margin.' And for this woman, increased profit margin would be her major breakthrough. It would be the breakthrough that she needed to take her business to that next level, right?

Another example is a client that I work with who said, "You know what, we have all the business "that we can handle for the next nine to 12 months "with our team at just about 95% capacity. "What we really wanna do, "is we really want to attract top tier employees. "We want to attract a team that fits our culture "and aligns with our culture "because if we can bring on people that fit our culture, "and align with what we do here "and what we believe here, "we can not only get through our workload more quickly, "but take on other projects "that the existing clients would like them to do."

Another example is an entrepreneur that I spoke with who said, "You know what, my business is great, but honestly, if I were to get more sales, I don't know how I would handle it on the operational side." What they really needed, they were working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, they were in stress brain and overwhelm, a business breakthrough for them would be to engage in their business with ease and with flow and to get out of stress brain and to work smarter, not harder and to be in the energy of nurturing and receiving and lead with more feminine energy and have a good balance between that masculine and feminine energy because the masculine energy, the hustle, go, grind, force it, make it happen, right, can drain you. It can really drain you and when you start to add in a little bit of that feminine energy, the nurturing, the loving, the receiving, into the mix and you lead with a little bit of that, you can get into flow and ease in your business and so when you look at what is a business breakthrough and what does that mean for you.

I think the very first thing that I'm gonna ask you to do is define what is the business breakthrough that you're looking for. Is it really just that you want more leads in the door? You want more sales, given the current circumstances and climate of your business, right? Or do you need to go a little bit deeper and look at how to show up in the world in an authentic way, or do you need to do what I call slowing down in order to speed up and that's where you stop and you take a look at your business and you say, "What is it that I believe to be true about the world and what are my values and why am I doing this and why does this matter? Why does what I do matter?" And when you can define your value system and define your belief system, in your heart, you might already know what that is but are you communicating that out to the world in your marketing messages? Is this something that other people can clearly see and know about you as a business, because when you do that, that's like sending out a signal flare to attract your ideal clients, the people who believe what you believe and align with your values. Those are the people that are the ideal clients, the perfect clients, the ones that value what you do, are easy to work with, are fun to work with and are willing to pay you what you're worth, right?

So I would challenge you, what is your breakthrough? What is the breakthrough that's needed for your business and how do you get there? Start by thinking about areas where you might be stuck. Are there areas where you just feel like you've tried the same thing over and over again? Maybe you get to a certain place and that's as far as you can get. Maybe you're hitting the same wall repeatedly. Maybe you're thinking the same thoughts. If anything that I've said here resonates as far as the authentic business, the business with ease and with flow, and that you can work smarter not harder, that the hustle is not always the answer, I would encourage you to take a deep dive look into your brand and let's look at what does your brand mean, not what are your colors and your color palettes and your logo and all of that, but what is your voice? What is your heart and soul of the brand and are we clearly communicating that out in your marketing messages? When people look at your website, when they watch your videos, when they read your social media posts, when they engage with you in person and in a client experience, are your values being communicated? Is your story being told? Is what really matters to you, is it coming out? Is it clear? Is it loud and clear?

'Cause your started your business for a reason and that reason was not just to make money, right? You have a reason and a purpose for bringing what you bring to the world, whether it's my new friend Gloria who runs a no kill shelter here in South Carolina, who started her business because it just broke her heart that all of these animals were being put down, whether it's my friend John down in Texas who applies a coating to flooring surfaces so that senior citizens and their families can have peace of mind, knowing that they're going to be safe, there's a reason that you started your business and digging down and looking at the why is the very first step in getting to your business breakthrough. It's the very first step. It's the foundational element of figuring out how are we going to elevate your brand so that you can increase your profit margin. How are you going to attract your ideal clients? How are you going to create raving fans in your business? We have to start with that why, that foundational piece.

So I'll leave you with this today. What is the breakthrough that you're looking for? Not more leads, not more sales, but specifically what is the business breakthrough that if you were to get really super clear and you were to unkink that water hose, so to speak, in your business in a couple of areas, what would absolutely make the biggest impact for you? What would change your life? What would change the face of your business? For yourself, for your family, for your employees, for your clients, for the world, what would that be? I would encourage you to dig a little bit and think a little bit more deeply about what that would look like and how that would feel if you were able to unkink that water hose and just grow a business that you absolutely love to work in, that is so much fun, and you have the three elements that I look for. Are we having fun, are we making a difference and are we making money, right? Those are the three non-negotiables in my opinion that a business of purpose has. Are we having fun, are we making money and are we making an impact?

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, tag me, and let's continue the conversation about what a business breakthrough would look like for your business.