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    This is my heart’s vision. ❤️

    I am RCY - a serial entrepreneur, purpose strategist, professional writer, and motivational speaker. I believe in being a global citizen and a steward of our earth ... and helping our brothers and sisters in our own communities and around the globe. I have an extensive background in marketing and business consulting, and have been building, growing and selling businesses for 15+ years. I am a multi-time Gold winner of Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence Awards, a Marketing Impact Leader, and was ranked as a Top 50 Entrepreneur by Business Leader Media.

    I recently merged my global digital marketing firm with a firm out of Southport, NC, where I consult CEO's around the world and develop strategies for scaling mid-sized companies. For the last 10 years, I've been a spokesperson for HubSpot and a HubSpot Certified Partner.

    I have dedicated my energy to making a difference in our world through education about social consciousness, purpose, and impact. I currently coach and consult women entrepreneurs and executives to build a business that serves the world and to live a more meaningful life. I am here on this planet to be the Light, to help and serve and love others, and to make an impact for those I meet. I am a volunteer with Greater Charlotte RISE - an organization committed to alleviating poverty in our community, and I am on the Board of Directors at the Bee Daring Foundation, a start-up non-profit dedicated to providing community resources about mental wellness.

    At the end of the day, I feel successful if I have eased the pain for just one person, or helped to alleviate stress or frustration from recurring. I also see it as my goal to help others help others … yes - help others … to help others. I am dedicated to the ripple effect of impact. I want those I serve to turn around and serve even more people. This is my heart’s vision. :heart:

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    AND ... if you wanna hear a bit of my story, listen in on this conversation I had with The Sexy Boss Babe about Building a Sustainable Business+Lifestyle - she was amazing to talk to and did a great job telling the story beautifully! EPISODE 11!

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    Sustainable Biz+Lifestyle

    It’s easy for achievement-oriented women entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed and burned out. But ... we KNOW there’s a better way than trading your life and health for financial gain!

    It’s time to grow your business with passion and purpose and stop feeling guilty about not being available to love and serve your family and community the way you want.

    You CAN build a sustainable business + lifestyle that allows you to make an impact and spend time on things that set your soul on fire.

    Women entrepreneurs can literally change the world, and we’re doing over in my Facebook group! We are successful business women coming together to slay anxiety, get clear on what we really want, and redefine how we do business - on our terms.

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